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Friday, April 2, 2010

Loop Me│About

L'ici n'est plus, tout est maintenant. (Paul Virilio)

“Loop” is a command in computer programming, allowing set content to repeat itself continually.

Feedback is a biological or mechanical process and mechanism. When an incident happened in the past affects the same incident in the present or the future, the incident itself will thus form a loop of this cause and effect relationship. This is what we call “ self-feedback”. Positive feedback means that the loop system is self-enhancing, while negative feedback is self-deminishing.

When image, sound and dance is each looped in its own and others simultaneously, how do they cope with positive and negative feedbacks, in the same time but different spaces?

In the modern age, ritual, repetition and reproduction have become the fate of the entire world, of the entire culture. Everything reproduces itself- capital, commodities, technology and art. Ultimately even progress is reproductive; it consists in a constantly repeated destruction of everything that can’t be reproduced quickly and effectively.

                                                                                      -“Religion as medium” Boris GROYS

When the images display their reproductive nature in a continual loop, can live dance reproduced itself?

Part of the video work deviates from the conventional idea of cinematic narrative, inviting a viewing experience that seems closer to looking at a painting’s pictorial surface, where different appreciations and imaginations of time and space are composed in a single frame of image. In this performance, dance is a work of installation in space, attempt to construct the experience of single frame but different perspective together with the live-interactive images.

The making of Loop Me explores such questions as repetitiveness, truth, disorder, disappearance, communication, hereness…etc. How can the body be in this reproductive process and the loop system? How does the body define the nowness in a digital environment?

Concept: SU Wen-Chi
Sound: CHANG Yung-Ta
Image: YEH Chien-Bu
Choreography/ Dancer: Su Wen-Chi
Stage Design: SU Wen-Chi
Costume Design: Arco RENZ
Coordination Associate: Sun Ping

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